Friday, 8 October 2010

Randomised Yarn

Not sure that it is even a word, but...... I am trying to create a randomly striping patterned yarn, with quite short repeats to knit gloves with. I was inspired by a commission for a pair of gloves from my dyed Cotswold fleece. I choose three colours (lilac, purple, and burgundy) and spun them in short sections keeping the colour changes to a pattern. This was the finished result:

I really liked them, as did their recipient ( I am glad to say!) As I really enjoyed the process of designing the yarn with the finished item in mind, I thought I would try some more, but wanted to create a more random effect. So I choose my colours: Yellow, green, lilac and deep purple. Tore the fleece into small sections and began to spin the colours randomly. However it is quite hard not to start making a pattern, so that is my point in today's blog - being random on purpose is really quite hard!

Colours haven't come out brilliantly in the photos, but it gives you an idea.

Have a good weekend. x

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