Saturday, 30 May 2009

What a day!!

I have sheared a sheep!! I am so totally proud of myself (and so totally exhausted!) I tell you they make it look really easy when you see someone experienced doing it, but don't be fooled - it is REALLY hard!!

We had four sheep to shear and it took 7 hours!! The last one was done by me and done with the hand shears (the electric ones seemed to be blunted and just not going well) which was hard, but actually gave the best fleece and the sheep didn't look too bad afterwards. I have to say they are not going to win any beauty contests, but they are definately cooler than they were and I have a big bag of fleece to spin. So all round a successful day.

Pictures when I get home and get them loaded on the computer. I am just off to peel potatoes for our roast dinner (leg of lamb!!) but not before I record my admiration of anyone who can shear a sheep single handed in less than an hour!!