Thursday, 4 June 2009

Just a quick blog!

Just thought I would do a quick update on Pin Money goings on. Rachel and I went for a brilliant workshop at the Rainbow venue in Banbury. ( We did a course on landscape weaving on a peg loom. I loved it and was pretty pleased by the result:

Next couple of events coming up are:

13th June - Brackley Carnival. We are taking part in the procession ( As Mary Bobbins) and then going in to the field for a knitting extravaganza! It is Worldwide knit in public day after all!! I think we will be going without public liability insurance!! (how brave!!)

18th June - next Brackley Knit'n'Knatter date. See you at 7.30 at the Greyhound.

22nd June - Pin Money Crafters meeting - my house at 8pm. If you would like to come along please contact me via the comments.

That's all for now folks!