Thursday, 29 July 2010

courgettes everywhere!

Courgette's seem to be dominating our lives at the moment! They are growing with vigour on the allotment and I have been trying out crafty ways of using them up. Courgettes in tomato sauce, stuffed courgettes, courgette cake and courgette muffins. Today it will be the turn of courgette chocolate cake. This kids have not been totally convinced by my courgette offerings, so my brother went home with three courgettes as a leaving present yesterday.
With the first jacob fleece nearly finished (here is 3/4 of it, done!) I have turned my attention to the cotswold fleece. The first test spinning has been soft and lustrious, so I thought I would see how it took dye.

I now have some white and other various colours, so will try and create some rainbow yarn. Either nice and chunky single ply, with plenty of slubs or maybe some three ply smoother yarn. We will see!