Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rainy sunday

Today is rainy and windy, but far from feeling sad about it - I love this time of year. What a fab excuse to curl up with knitting in front of the fire or get some more spinning done.

Yesterday with the Syresham Historical society's 'Rural Craft' exhibition. I took my spinning wheel and a few knitted goddies along to spin the day away. There were lots of crafts represented: Beekeeping, thatching, stone masonry, lace making, pottery, corn dolly making to name but a few. As always the people in the crafting community are friendly and open and love to chat. With out giving too much away, I hope that we will be seing alot more of some of them in the coming months.

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Stephie Sounds said...

You are always doing interesting things! Your stall looks lovely.