Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ongoing projects

Well having posted about finished projects, I thought I would show you how my ongoing projects are getting on:

Rachael choose some sock yarn dyed with onion skin and then overdyed with indigo to get a pretty green colour. I have chosen a pretty sock pattern to complement the yarn. It is called 'Hanging Vines' by Kelly Porpiglia and is available free here.

It is knits up quickly and is very cleverly written, which makes it a joy to knit.

2nd project on the needles is the jumper for Lyn's daughter. The upsized version of a child's sweater. The back is almost done now and this picture shows the patterning.

The final project is to re-write 'Fiona' - a walking sock pattern, so that it can be completed in 100g. The plan is to work up a series of sock patterns for kits. Here is the first slimmed down version, although sadly still about 10g too heavy. So it's back to the drawing board and see if I can shave those all important grams off. This sock is infact still generous, so taking out a bit of width will be very possible.

Well then - back to the needles!