Monday, 1 November 2010


The new spindles arrived a few days ago, made locally by Lance. I got the chance to test them today and they spin beautifully, so I have some more on order, and will be able to sell starter packs with a drop spindle and some fleece to spin.

We have also had halloween and my daughter made a lovely halloween scene for her nephew. It was well received when delivered to Bristol during the holidays.

The shop has now been updated, as I have finished carding all the dyed jacob. I you fancy some handspun yarns or dyed fleece to spin with yourself, then please have a look here.
Tonight is pub craft night at the Red Lion in Brackley, we will be there from about 7.30pm. I think I am taking along some peglooming tonight. I am working on a wall hanging inspired by our summer holiday on Exmoor. It is starting to feel like a long time ago, so it is nice to be reminded of the lovely colours of the moor in summer.