Monday, 9 August 2010

Common Ragwort

One of things that I love about crafting is the people that you meet. I went yesterday to collect a Southdown Fleece from Marion in Farnborough. She was absolutely lovely and full of enthusiasm for spinning and knitting. She has invited me to go back in April to do some spinning when she takes part in 'Open Gardens', which would be absolutely lovely. In the meantime though I am going to teach her and her daughter Anna to spin, so they can spin their own lovely fleeces.

The Cotswold fleece is now all dyed and the white is carded. You can get a feel for the lovely colours that have come out. I hope to get spinning next week while camping in Kent. Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine.

I have started dying the white Jacob fleece. While walking the dog, I found lots of Common Ragwort, so I picked a big bunch and simmered the flowers.......

...... which have produced a lovely yellow colour. Very satisfying to find dyestuff and find it actually works! All for free. I am feeling quite inspired and will no doubt be picking all sorts of stuff to chop up and try and extract the colour.