Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Let it snow!!

Well, we don't seem to be able to make it stop!! No complaints from me though - we have had so much fun building snowmen (or strictly speaking a snow-bear and a snow princess - we are crafters after all!) and throwing snow at each other. The dog has loved it too, and made it his mission to make tracks in ALL the virgin snow, the only ones who haven't found it much fun are the chickens. They turned their beaks up at the sight of snow and refused to lay any eggs.

I have had lots of use for my hot water bottle cover, made with homespun Jacob, from my friend's flock. I separated out the dark sections and spun them as a chunky. This is knit on 7mm needles and is an adaptation of a pattern from Simply Knitting. I am thinking, however, of designing a pattern of my own to go with the rest of the homespun.

Home knitted jumper promise has finally been fulfilled and I am very pleased to announce that my handknit has been accepted by the fashion conscious 12 year old of the family.

On more stictly Pin Money note: Our next craft fair has been decided upon, it is to be on the 7th of March in Brackley Town Hall. The sock pattern is finished and has been knitted up in an equivalent yarn. ( I am still waiting for the Hammervale Aran Jacob to come back from the mill) Here is a glimse:
We have also set a date for our first crafting meeting: Monday 23rd Feb at 8pm. Anyone interested in coming along, please leave me your e-mail address in the comments sections and I will get in touch with you with details of the venue.