Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Feltballs and blocking

I have been having lots of fun this last week. I made felt balls from some jacob fleece. They were felted in the washing machine and then needle felted to decorate. They are nominally pincushions, but I might just have them casually sitting somewhere looking pretty! They could even go outside in the flower bed as they will just slowly compost down.

Then it was Folk in the Park, and Pin Money were out in force, providing a craft fair, with lots of lovely goodies. It was very hot, but we kept going with ice-cream and lots of fantastic music to listen to. Infact the entertainment was so good, that I forgot to take many photos, so here is one of us setting up!

Yesterday I finally finished the lace shawl that I have been knitting since July 2009. It has been put aside many times in the last two years, so I am really pleased to have finished it. Here it is blocking:

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