Monday, 21 September 2009

Meeting up

This has been a fantastic week for meeting up with people.

Started on Monday where the Pin Money Craft Co-operative had our meeting. It was an inspiration to hear what everyone else had been up to and I was left feeling re-invigorated by the enthusiasm of other. Lots of events planned, so I will keep you posted.

Tuesday was knit and chat at Boycott Farm, hosted by Mia from the Naked Sheep. Again a lovely bunch of people and so nice to chat and share our love of knitting. It is a very companionable thing and something which has surely been done, all through the ages.

Thursday saw the September meeting of Brackley Knit'n'Knatter with both new faces and old. We are deciding on a charity to support as several people have already been knitting lots of squares and others would like to make garment too. The generosity of knitters never ceases to impress me. So the task is to decide on a charity to support this year and to start putting together all the squares to make blankets for the Salvation Army.

No photos this week, but look there should be something to show next week, as I am experimenting with dying at the moment.

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Stephiemadfish said...

Er.r.r.r. seem to be following this blog three times more than I thought! XXX