Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Harriet's Craft Week.

Well, it's the summer holiday and Harriet has an injury to her knee, which means many hours must be spent with her leg elevated, and so 'Harriet's Craft Week' was born!

Here is the plan:

Monday: Making a felt pincushion and time for finishing off a current project
Tuesday: Learning to spin with a drop spindle
Wednesday: Weaving a landscape on a peg loom
Thursday: Knitting a cabled headband
Friday: Embellishing clothes and using the sewing machine.

I found a great link to making felted pincushions on this site:
http://gfwsheep.com/gfw.html (and lots of other interesting things)
Here are our pincushions:

(These may well make an appearance on our next stall - they are so pretty)

Harriet also finished the dog that she has been knitting:

All in all a lovely day.

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